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10N8E Renews Nigeria Pro League For season 7



10N8E creates tournaments to draw players in ranging from Deca Cup to Shine scrims and Infinix masters for many games like Call of Duty: mobile, PUBG, and Farlight amongst others. This brings them to the new season of Nigeria Pro League season 7.

NPL season 6 in was an exhilarating event that had fans at the edge of their seat, creating an amazing experience to look back on for players all around.

Season 6 had 17 teams qualify from the preliminary stages, which included teams like 1011, Team Apex, and Invincibles Esports. 3 other teams were invited: Afro Esports, Vibe Gaming and 21st Century Esports. Where 1011 came out on top of the table and 2nd place was 21st Century Esports.

What tO expect from 10n8e

The prize pool for the event will be made known later, but the report by Nexal Gaming for last year, made it known that the prize pool for last year was 1 million Naira.

The format for the tournament includes 4 groups from A to D where each group will play 14-16 lobbies of intense games with 7 or 8 teams by group. The 2 maps to be used will be Erangel and Miramar and games start at 7pm sharp and is to be streamed on the 10N8E YouTube Channel.

Registration is on for the tournament on the 10N8E discord server. NPL has a unique type of format that makes players play a lot of games. There are the Playoffs, the Rain spin-off, the Harmattan and the Grand final, all these before deciding the winner.

Fans should get a seat as the ride for another exciting league is about to start and it will be fun to watch

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