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10n8e Play Announces Winners of The 2023 Free-Fire DECA Cup


The DECA Cup Series covers free-fire, mobile legends and Call of Duty Mobile, organized quarterly by 10n8e play, one of Africa’s notable Esports brands, the series brings together the best players of these games to compete and earn the champion title.

The free-fire DECA Cup started with 50 teams at the beginning of May 2023, each divided into 4 groups competing fiercely to qualify for the next stage.

The first stage produced 8 teams from each group to qualify for the next stage, the qualifiers further led to the emergence of 24 teams to participate in the semi-finals of the free-fire DECA cup.

Teams that made it to the semi-finals were further grouped into 2, with four teams from each group of 12 qualifying to the finals. Another opportunity was given to 12 teams to battle it out and strive to get into the finals,  and this produced another set of 4 teams who made it to the finals of the DECA CUP.


From Fifty teams to Twelve teams from 10 countries in Africa, to the top four teams, the Free-Fire 2023 DECA Cup winners were announced on the 27th of May, 2023 winning a $250 prize pool.

Team Next Level came out on top with a total of 119 points, followed by Team DC Continental with 106 points, Team DC PNS with 86 points, and Team DC Cosa Nostra with 68 points.

For more information, follow 10n8e Play on Instagram.

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