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AU Esports Connect Engage 2023 Set To Happen In Ghana!


The AU Esports Connect Engage is the offline version of the AU Esports Connect Initiative and is set to take place live in Accra, Ghana.

Gamers, game enthusiasts, Esports experts, and everyone interested in the Esports industry generally has been invited to come and have a competitive, thrilling gaming experience where they also have the opportunity to connect and network with top people in the industry, building relationships that will prove to be significant over a lifetime. 

AU Esports

The AU Esports Connect Initiative is focused on fostering engagement and connections among players and teams in Africa, vis a vis creating a medium for empowerment, education, and entertainment.

This year’s AU Esports Connect Engage will be happening on the 25th of May, 2023, at the Toyota Ghana Company Limited, Legon branch in Accra, Ghana. The event promises to be fun and engaging as you get to interact with like-minded people both online and physically. 

Physical attendees from Ghana can register to attend by clicking this link. In contrast, other attendees from other parts of Africa can secure virtual spots by clicking this link and be a part of the event by joining online.

Esports Africa Tournament has revealed two sensational speakers that will be attending the prolific event; Harold Fearon, a Trainee Associate with Sustineri Attorneys PRUC who specializes in providing legal services for startups, Fintechs, SMEs, and Innovations, and Cyril-Alex Gockel; AKA The EmCEO, an award-winning rapper and a business CEO, Cyril is also the co-founder of Ridge City FC, a Ghana-based women premier league team.

Both speakers will be sharing their well of knowledge and experience to empower attendees to reach new heights in their various endeavors

If you reside in Ghana, have people there, or are currently visiting, take advantage by registering and attending this event, and if you’re outside Ghana, quickly secure a spot and plan to attend virtually. The event promises to be educating, entertaining and empowering.

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