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Become a Pro Gamer in 5 Easy steps!


David loves playing video games and is pretty good at it. His mom considers it a waste of his time and a big distraction, but he has dreams about playing games professionally.

He has primarily competed with friends and cousins in his medium-sized room, occasionally earning a handful of one thousand naira notes pooled as a prize.

He firmly believes that his potential extends beyond these and harbors dreams of joining the competitive gaming world. However, he’s uncertain about the path forward.

Are you, like David, drawn to gaming as a potential career? If so, read on to discover the five key steps that can transform your passion into a profession.

Professional gamers engage in esports tournaments and competitions with substantial cash prizes. These events are organized by esports organizations worldwide and offer a multitude of advantages, from exposure to career opportunities, networking with fellow gaming professionals, and, naturally, the chance of securing substantial cash rewards.

How To Move From Being a Rookie Esports Player to a Pro Gamer?

  • Stick With One Game And Get Really Good At It

It’s easy to be excited about different games and want to know how to play them well, however, it is best to start by choosing one game and becoming really good at it.

Most gamers can play multiple games conveniently, however, in competing professionally, it is best to focus on one. This enables you to practice effectively and get better at it, picking up different skills and tricks along the way.

The time shared in trying to master different skills for different games can be put into one particular game and make you better equipped to face other opponents in the future.

It is also important to choose a well-established game, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, and other related games. This way, you remain relevant in the Esports space.

  • Join a Community 

As much as gaming can be individualistic when it comes to talent, the people you are surrounded with have a huge impact on your journey.

There are numerous communities of Gamers both online and offline that will serve you well and create the right environment for your growth.

Most Esports tournaments are team events, no matter how skilled you are as a gamer, you need to be a part of a team to participate in such events.

Find a community of gamers like yourself and immerse yourself in their activities. This will help in further sharpening your skills, opening you up to great opportunities, and connecting you with others around you.

  • Get The Right Gaming Gear

Picking the right equipment as a gamer is paramount to your success as a professional in the Esports scene as this will guarantee your ease and experience as a gamer.

In getting gaming gears like your PC, mouse, keyboards, gamepads, and headsets,  you must consider some factors like its performance, durability, and price.

How fast does your mouse respond, can it last for a good period without breaking down occasionally? What’s the price range? Although gaming gear can be quite expensive, you can compare similar specs and their different prices.

Investing in good gaming gear that meets your needs will improve your overall gameplay as a pro gamer.

  • Practice Consistently 

A lot of people play games, but not many people win tournaments. To become better at what you do and increase your chances of winning, you will need to practice consistently.

Practice accurate speed and movements, learn the game’s mechanics, and practice them over and over to retain them in your memory.

Watch other players, discover new strategies, understand them, and practice them on NPCs and other players during friendly matches. Practice truly makes you better.

  • Start Small, Grow Big

Start by joining small-scale competitions to get noticed by other players and Esports organizers. 

This way, you can pursue bigger tournaments comfortably. Participating in local tournaments will help improve your skills and visibility and propel you forward to greater opportunities.

After getting the right equipment, joining a team, and practicing consistently, gather the courage to compete with other people around you.

This will reveal your shortcomings to you and help you discover new skills and ideas.

If you enjoy playing video games, then you should look into the Esports industry to discover if you want to pursue a career in becoming a pro gamer.

It will take years of hard work, practice, and the right connections to become a professional, however with the steps listed above, you’ll observe speed and improvement in the industry.

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