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Call of Duty mobile scandal: odunwire vs johnex


Last week, news spread in the community of gamers in Nigeria that a popular call of duty mobile gamer and owner of a YouTube channel known as Odunwire was said to have supposedly scammed a fellow gamer in person of Johnex of Fifteen thousand naira (15,000).

According to the interview we had with Johnex, Odunwire had posted on a WhatsApp group that he had CC card for sale at the price of twenty thousand naira (20,000). He was said to have approached him in his DM in a bid to purchase it. Odunwire sent him a video recording of how the card was used on playstore and it worked, skeptical that it might not yield similar result on IOS, Johnex made a deal with Odunwire that if it doesn’t work on his device he would be refunded, a deal which Odunwire agreed on.

Given the fact that Odunwire was a well known person in the industry and they’ve played games together, Johnex chose to trust that he wouldn’t want to defraud him and soil his reputation so he bargained with him as regarding the price and they agreed on fifteen thousand naira (15,000).

He sourced for the money quickly from a friend with the promise to refund by evening of the same day and went ahead to purchase the card from Odunwire. However, when he tried to add it on his ApplePay, the response he got was that the card could not be used on iTunes. He sent a screenshot of the message to Odunwire who sent him another card, asking him to check if that one would go through. When Johnex tried it, the payment was declined, he took another screenshot of the message and sent to Odunwire who promised to send another card, Johnex claims to have waited in vain as no card was forthcoming. He asked for a refund instead and Odunwire agreed saying he would send him the money after he got a certain amount he was expecting from someone else.

Nevertheless, two days later Johnex still hadn’t heard from Odunwire. He reached out to him again explaining that the friend who he collected the 15,000 naira from was asking for his money back, Odunwire responded by saying that he was also awaiting response from the person he was expecting some money from and at this point Johnex states that he started suspecting that he was being scammed.

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Odunwire promised to refund the money the next week, and at the beginning of the said week, Johnex reached out to him and inquired as to what day in the week he would make the payment, Odunwire stated that the refund would be made on Saturday, 1st of October 2021.

On the 1st, Johnex dropped his account number as a WhatsApp message to Odunwire in anticipation of a refund as promised, all to no response from Odunwire, Johnex further approached some people in the same group as Odunwire urging them to talk him into refunding his money, however all these came to nought as they advised him to do whatever he wanted since Odunwire wasn’t being responsive to them either.

Johnex took to his own YouTube channel to Openly accuse and mark Odunwire as a fraudster, revealing screenshots of their conversation and advising other gamers to be weary of him, some others came out to also claim that they have lost some money to him. while some supported the act, many others condemned Odunwire’s actions and also took to his tiktok profile to make accusing comments, urging him to refund the people he was accused of taking money from fraudulently.

Upon seeing the video, Odunwire reached out to Johnex for his account details, he also asked if he would take down the video after being paid, a proposition to which Johnex agreed. Odunwire however stated that instead of paying in full he would pay half, Johnex rejected the idea, leading Odunwire to conclude that he would not pay him then.

Johnex further complied screenshots of chats gotten from other people who claimed to have been scammed by Odunwire into a video clip and posted it on his YouTube channel. Just like the first one, the second video also attracted comments from people. After being satisfied with the amount of people the video got to through the effort of those who took to their social media accounts to share the link to the videos with the hope that no one else would fall into the same trap he did, Johnex took down both videos asserting that he felt bad for Odunwire given the amount of people he owed and said he really hoped that he would refund all those he took money from. 

When asked if he had heard from Odunwire concerning the money, he said that Odunwire stated plainly that he would not be refunding the money and had not gotten any message as regards sending back the 15,000 naira.

Odunwire responded by taking to his YouTube channel to post a recording with his voice and a game on display ridiculing Johnex in a claim that he wanted to use him as a stepping stone to Fame and he was “Way too big” for that, View here

When we reached out to him, he claimed that he wanted to pay half of the money to Johnex before he deleted the video and the remaining half afterwards. However, Johnex declined and laughed at his effort. He also claimed not to have known that he gave Johnex two cards.

When asked if he still planned on refunding the money to Johnex, Odunwire responded by saying he would refund him later because he already spent the money he initially wanted to give to him after he refused to delete the video on his YouTube channel.

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