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Clatter of Clans is back with the Thrill in season 21!


The last season took place in January where twenty teams made it to the grand finale, however only four stood out exceptionally.

1011 gaming emerged as champions of the competition, with Royal blood closely behind as first runner up, Fake took the second runner up position and Rage Shield Gaming won the third runner up position. You can catch up on all the exciting skills displayed here.

Unsullied Army hosts the quarterly Clatter of Clans tournament, aiming to bring together PUBG players in Africa and foster the growth of the esports industry in the region.

Registration will begin on Wednesday the 13th of March and end five days later on Sunday, the 17th, you can register here.

The Clatter of Clans Season 21 wil run through the month of April in its usual style of four stages; the group stage, quarter finals, semi-finals and the grand finals.

Prepare for an even more thrilling tournament than the last season. Mark your calendar for March 13th, set a reminder, and get ready to showcase your skills – this is your chance to stake your claim as the top PUBG player in Africa!

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