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CODM brings back the Infamous ZOMBIE MODE in new Update


With the cry of the CODM community for several seasons, begging for the return of the zombie mode to Call Of Duty Mobile, Activision has had no choice than to bring the 3rd section of its game mode back for the players of its community to enjoy, with the help of TENCENT, the former mobile developing partners of the game.

Unlike the previous zombie mode with a really confined fighting space [limited space like the MP maps], the developers chose to make use of the BR Isolated maps.

This time around, a lot more was added and a few things from the former zombie mode were removed. This time around there are a lot of rewards for playing this current zombie mode. Note, this mode could make a casual gamer become addicted.

There are free weapon camo skins to be earned, an epic character skin and also various skins for vehicles and miscellaneous items.This event will cover a span of 4 weeks which is very much going to be for the whole season and we all look forward to having more enjoyable experience from this mode.

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