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CRY-6 Men I Trust NUKE Euphoria Clan in the KON10DR Super League


The Kon10Dr Super league marked its 4th week of gameplay as the 30 teams continued to face off across multiple tiers and divisions

The 4th week, in particular, was a really special one as the league recorded the first-ever nuke in the KON10DR competition

On Saturday the 21st of May 2022 at about 9:30 PM, Tier 3 team Men I Trust of the CRY-6 (SiX) clan set out on a mission to do more than just win the game. They beat their opponents Euphoria 6-1 in the SnD match-up before proceeding to nuke them in a dominating 82-250 Hardpoint victory

CRY-6 Kon10dr Nuke Result
CRY-6 Kon10dr Nuke Game

Shallie got the nuke with a whopping 26 to 1 KD over the Euphoria side which saw 4 out of the 5 Euphoria players quit the game and receive one match bans each in the competition

Banned Players who got Nuked

The side of CRY-6 Men I Trust now on a 2 win streak after beating Hegemon Legion, look to continue their winning run after slumping to back to back defeats against Imperial Force and The Peaky Blinders

Shallie’s Nuke

Congratulations to Shallie and the side of Men I Trust on the dominating win, and the nuke 😅

Sources: Kon10dr Discord Server, CODM WhatsApp Groups

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my shallie is too op❤️

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