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Cxmmunity Media Makes Inroads Into Promoting Opportunities For Nigerians In Esports


Cxmmunity Media, launched in 2020 is a media company with a team of creative thinkers committed to securing diversity and equality in the gaming and Esports industries for the future through strategic partnerships and entertainment.

They drive towards understanding the various challenges that consumers are faced with  in specific environments and provide opportunities where they can ease those challenges.

The company focuses on creating pathways for black gamers to expand and get visibility in the Esports industry and one of the ways through which Cxmmunity Media plans to achieve this is with the Esports League for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) established to provide students in Colleges and Universities an avenue to compete with each other and make money while doing that.

In about three seasons, they provided over 1.7 million dollars in the form of scholarships for student gamers and Esports infrastructure on the campuses of universities they partnered with.

The company has spread to different parts of the world and now Nigeria is set to also partake of the various opportunities that they have to offer. We had an interview with them and here’s what they had to say.

Can you tell me about Cxmmunity Media and how it got started?

  • Cxmmunity Media is a media-tech company with a mission to future proof diversity within media and the video game industry. The company was founded on the fact that 83% of Black youth play video games daily, but when you look at the video game workforce as a whole, there are only 4% of Black people recognized as working professionals within the video game industry.

How has the company grown and evolved over the years?

  • We have grown at a rapid pace since our launch back in 2020. 
Cxmmunity media

What are some of the biggest successes the company has had so far?

  • Cxmmunity Media launched the first-ever competitive esports league for historically black colleges & universities (HBCUs). Historically HBCUs are underserved, underfunded, and typically late to the party as it relates to new and emerging opportunities for its students. Through the HBCU Esports League, we’ve been able to bring these colleges and universities up to speed and even surpass some PWIs.

What sets your company apart from other Esports companies in the market?

  • We are not just “esports” centered. We are a media company with a focus on gaming.

What inspired Cxmmunity Media to explore the Esports Cxmmunity in Nigeria?

  • We work closely with GamR to help revolutionize the gaming industry on the continent of Africa. Realizing that the continent of Africa is home to over 100 Million untapped gamers, CXM saw the opportunity to come in and be of assistance. 

How does the company plan to adapt to the cultural and regulatory differences in my country?

  • We plan to be of assistance to the GamR team and surrounding organizations across the continent to help revolutionize the esports and gaming industry across the continent of Africa. 

Cxmmunity Media also partnered with Gamr Africa in their recently concluded Gamr X Summit and Tournament to enrich the event with various competitive gameplay, panel discussions, music and so much more. We look forward to all they are set to do in Nigeria and hope for the best from them. For more information, connect with Cxmmunity Media on Instagram and Twitter. You can also join their discord.

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