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Cxmmunity organizes tournaments for CODM Battle Royale Mode and Valorant


Cxmmunity Media, in partnership with Nexal Gaming Community has organized two tournaments, the Valorant Championship and CODM Solo Battle Royale Championship.

Both championships are set to take off later this month and spill into August. Registration for both games is currently ongoing, although registration for the Battle Royale Championship will end tomorrow, the game will kickoff on the 28th of June and last till the 12th of July, you can still register for the Valorant Championship as registration for that will end on the 24th of July 2023, while the game will run from the 24th of July till 4th of August 2023.

The CODM Battle Royale Championship will be streamed on Cxmmunity’s Twitch by Trico and will take a solo format. It has a prize pool of 150,000 naira. On the other hand, Valorant will use the 5v5 team play format with a prize pool of 100,000.

If you’re in Nigeria and you’ve got what it takes to play any of the two games, and you’re also confident that you can win the cash prize, then head to Cxmmunity’s Discord server to register, you can also get fresh updates on both tournaments on discord. For more information join Nexal Gaming’s Whatsapp group.

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