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Cyclone gaming sWOOPS DISBANDED aoh players


In the early hours of yesterday, 30th October 2021 the entire Sub-Saharan Call of Duty Mobile community was taken up by a huge shock to see an influx of the great House of Annubis players to Cyclone Gaming’s roster. That really was one of the most shocking happenings in recent times in the community.

The SSA competition scene had for a very long time been super dominated by the AOH, but now it’s like we are about to be swept away by Cyclone, no pun intended. The players recruited to the Cyclone Gaming roster were some of AOH’s backbone players such as; Bg, Tiano, Iris, Simpzy, Eazy, Offset. On the other hand, the Cyclone Gaming’s previous roster was not shabby at all but now reinforced with these names, they will be a huge force to be reckoned with.

The mood around the SSA scene is one of mixed feelings. While some are happy and wish to be in the shoes of Cyclone Gaming, others actually talk about creating rules of fair play of drafting players of this quality into one team. Conversely, there are a set of people who think that other teams should just get better at the game.

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2 years ago

Nice one bro🤭……Now we wait and see what Cyclone can do with these players

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