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After 3 weeks of nonstop action and drama in the DECA CUP event brought to you by 10N8E, it has come to an end. 32 teams participated, fought to the teeth for bragging rights and a prize pool of N250,000, then came finals involving the top two teams in Sub-Saharan Africa; Cyclone Gaming and Zero Remorse.

The battle of 5 final game was fiercely contested until Cyclone Gaming decided to show that no team are a match for them. Cyclone took control of the first two maps with Hardpoint and Domination respectively, then Zero won the Search and Destroy map. It all came down to the fourth map with Domination and Zero were outclassed thereby giving the win to SSA’s finest team Cyclone Gaming.

Cyclone have been on a journey and they keep tearing down every team that dares to walk into their path. The community is yet to see a team as complete, as finessed, as strong to put an end to the whirlwind that comes with the Cyclone.

Congratulations to the 10N8E on successful completion of their CODMobile event, more grease to their elbow and we await their next events. Also huge congratulations to the tournament winners, Cyclone Gaming adding yet another trophy to their cabinet.

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