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ANDELA – get a rare chance to Earn $50 by participating in test running a game today.


Are you a gamer filled with enthusiasm for playing games? Do you have the skills to do this while making money on the side? Good news for you! You have a chance to earn up to $50 using your experience as a gamer for an hour of testing video games for Andela.

Andela is a software development company that connects engineers with leading tech companies like GitHub, Cloudflare among others. The global talent network took roots in Nigeria and has however spread to over eighty countries and six continents, granting career opportunities to talented engineers regardless of gender, race or location. Through them, thousands of brilliant developers have been connected to notable  tech companies.


Andela recently developed a video game and need just two hundred and forty (240) gamers to have a part in a test run of the software.

There are a few criteria to be met for you to be eligible to participate in this, such as:

  • You must be within the 18-40 years age bracket
  • You must have your device or access to any device that meets the following standards:
  1. iPhone 10 or above
  2. A laptop that runs on Windows 10
  3. Over-the-ear headphones (preferably wired)
  • You must be familiar with online gaming
  • You must be available to commit for up to an hour throughout the testing period which will last for two weeks.

If you meet the following criteria then you’re just who they need to partake of this opportunity. To register and participate, Click here to get started.

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