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Gamathon 23 – Africa Comicade Successfully Raises the Bar for Gaming in Africa


Gamathon, one of Africa’s biggest conventions for stakeholders in the XR, Video Games, and Digital Art Industry by Africa Comicade took place a few days ago and although it has ended, the experience remains surreal to those who were actively involved in the stream of events.

The six-day event was a fusion of networking, engaging discussions and immersive learning where some of the brightest minds in the African gaming industry came together.

The first day featured a press conference where the event’s co-founders; Oscar Michael and Adewale Abdulkabir took to the stage to shed light on the state of the Esports industry in Africa followed by a photo shoot session where headshots were taken.

The following day treated attendees to an inspiring tour of three prominent Lagos studios. Radioxity Studio, led by the award-winning Creative Director, Esther Kemi Gbadamosi, dazzled with her 15+ years of animation expertise.

Magic Carpet Studio, an award-winning animation, illustration, and gaming powerhouse, showcased their innovative storytelling and cutting-edge techniques, and Comic Republic impressed attendees with its vast library of content reflecting the richness of African culture and history.

These three studios shared with the audience their work structure, projects they were currently working on, and what they hoped to achieve in the gaming industry soon.

The next day featured a legal workshop at one of the top law firms in Nigeria, Banwo and Ighodalo where the importance of intellectual property and legal protection was expounded.

That same day, attendees explored the captivating comic art exhibition “Hall of Spirits” at Alliance Française and enjoyed animated film screenings from various African studios.

The main event took place on Thursday and featured a pitch event from different African game studios. Also, several organizations in the Esports Industry including the Nexal Gaming Community gathered to connect, network, and showcase their latest products to gaming enthusiasts.

Friday celebrated the rising stars of the gaming world at the Teen Expo, where young talents showcased their projects and skills, promising a bright future for digital creativity.

The Creative Bloc carnival took place on Saturday, the last day of the event featuring music, games, performances, and pure entertainment.

Official sponsors for the event include Xbox, Women in Games, Gamr Africa, Legends of Learning, Afrogamer, and The Nest, among others.

The week-long Gamathon 23 event was a mixture of fun, networking, learning, unforgettable experiences and everything in between as promised

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