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Gamr Africa partners with the Nigerian university games association.


The Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) has partnered with Gamr Africa to promote esports tournaments in Nigerian Universities.

This is a great move as it’ll help to advance the esports industry and create more awareness in the country and Africa as a whole.

This partnership with Gamr Africa is evidence that esports is gradually gaining ground in the country, and its recognition by the Nigerian University Games Association which has been in existence since 1966 is proof that Nigerian universities are embracing the esports competitive scene and providing a place for students who prefer participating in Esports compared to physical sports, such students can also be recognized as athletes as they would get the chance to participate in Esports tournaments, earning medals and cash prizes.

It also serves as a medium for students to familiarize themselves with the various career opportunities present in the Esport industry. 

According to Eniola Edun, the CEO of Gamr Africa “Students can begin to learn and grow in various spaces afforded to them by Esports and gaming, from game developers to shout casters, to being a team administrator, to live streamers and so on, we are going to broaden the minds of the student and the younger generation”.

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The President of the Nigerian University Games Association, Professor Stephen Hamafyelto also stated the need for Nigerian Students to be positively engaged in online events like this rather than cyber indecencies which is currently more popular among young people, hence, the partnership with Gamr Africa.

Nigeria’s First Varsity Esports competition was held on the 8th and 9th of December 2021 at the University of Lagos sports centre indoor hall with Final year Economics student, Olawole Adetoye AKA Wolevation emerging as the winner.

The NUGA-Gamr Esports Championship will kick off in April 2022 at the University of Lagos.

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