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GAMR and NUGA Join Forces to Spearhead Esports Growth in Nigerian Universities


GAMR, a leading gaming company in Africa, has forged a strategic alliance with the Nigerian University Games to propel the esports landscape in Nigerian universities to new heights.

This groundbreaking partnership aims to provide students with opportunities to participate in competitive gaming, fostering skill enhancement and community-building among passionate gamers on campuses.

Additionally, GAMR will actively engage with young talents, delivering unparalleled esports experiences and contributing to the transformation of the esports realm.

“Our initiative involves establishing state-of-the-art Game Labs within universities, nurturing a generation of African gaming professionals. We’re cultivating a comprehensive ecosystem that spans game development, design, media, production, and project management. This collaboration signifies our dedication to nurturing the future leaders and innovators of Africa’s gaming industry,” stated GAMR’s Head of Partnerships.

GAMR plans to utilize NUGA’s extensive university network for technical consultation and to oversee esports activities across various campuses.

Chidiebere, the National Secretary at NUGA, emphasized, “Our investment transcends games; it’s an investment in our students’ futures. By uniting efforts in educational initiatives, we’re positioning Nigeria to make a mark on the global gaming stage.”

This collaboration promises to revolutionize Nigeria’s esports scene and holds immense potential for the entire African continent, offering young individuals a gateway to explore the burgeoning esports industry. For further details on this partnership, reach out to GAMR at or connect via  Instagram

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