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Gamr Organizes 300,000 Naira Tournament For Anime Titles


Are you a player or an enthusiast of Anime fighting games? Gamr Africa is inviting you to join their Anime Fighting Game Community and has announced the date for their intense Rave, Rumble, Rivals Anime tournament.

The game will take the single-elimination format featuring elements from some of the most iconic anime series- Naruto, Guilty Gears and Smash Bros. Players will compete using their unique abilities and skills to outwit their opponents.

The tournament is set to take place on Saturday, the 19th of August, 2023 at the Game Evo Lounge, La Chaumiere Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos with a prize pool of 300,000 for the top participants.

The entry fee for interested participants is 2,000 naira. If you’ve got what it takes to battle it out for supremacy, install the Gamr App from the Google Play Store or IOS store to register. 

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