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Get Ready For A Thrilling Experience  As GamersCliq Unveils Clash of Icons – Season 1


The Clash of Icons is the first Call of Duty tournament of its kind by GamersCliq in partnership with Dark Esports Africa featuring an enthralling battle between professional gamers and content creators.

The virtual tournament will take place in a single-elimination format where 16 players ( 8 professional players and 8 content creators) will battle it out for the 100,000 naira prize pool. The event is set to begin on the 31st of July, 2023.

According to the COO and Co-founder of GamersCliq and KISETALKs, Kise, some of the notable players that will participate in the tournament are Kingplays, Virus and Tony, RagingBOT, gravity and some others that will be revealed in due time.

In his words “We wanted it to be fun and entertaining and at the same time challenging, where players have to put in their all, so with that, we decided to go with the 1 winner prize pool, whoever wins this season will compete with the winner of the next season to see if he can keep his spot as the champion” 

Each match will be streamed live on GamersCliq YouTube channel featuring a comment section for viewers to air their views, the tournament will also be featured on the Gowagr app where viewers can wager on their preferred player, this will keep them engaged and entertained while enjoying the tournament, there will also be giveaways for lucky winners.

GamersCliq is currently partnered with DEA and two other anonymous sponsors and is also trying to look for more partners and sponsors, reach out to them via or connect with the CEO on Whatsapp through +2347039714794 if you’re interested in partnering with them or for more information on  the tournament. To join their early access event visit

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