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GoWagr Launches Wager App for Gamers


Like traditional sports games like soccer, car racing, horse racing and basketball, you can now wager with Esports, and with Go Wagr, the days of placing wagers on games with one party not fulfilling their part of the bargain have come to an end. 

GoWagr is a peer-to-peer sports social app that provides the opportunity to safely make wagers with friends, families, opponents in a gaming competition and anyone else.

When you and your friends sit to watch or participate in Esports such as FIFAe, CODM, or even PUBG, you guys can now enter into a wager based on who will win or lose and the good part is, you don’t have to worry about a trusted middleman known as the Boardman or become uncertain about being cheated.

Go Wagr assures you of safe and transparent transactions where you have the highest level of autonomy and flexibility. With Go Wagr you can create wagers that match your preference with anyone, you don’t just create wagers seamlessly, you also get to make quick deposits and withdrawals at your convenience.

The next time you have an upcoming esports competition you and your friends want to wager on, to reduce complications and ensure transparency, Go Wagr is your best bet. How does it work?

Install the Go Wagr App and Sign Up


To get started, you can install the Go Wagr App on your App Store for IOS users, and on the Google Play Store for Android users. Then sign up by inputting your email address and verifying with the OTP that would be sent to the email address you signed up with. When your account has been verified, you would be required to create a username known as WagrTag on the app. This will be your means of interaction with others on the app.

The next thing you will be required to do is to set up a personalized four-digit pin to approve all transactions that would be carried out on the app from your end.

Your GoWagr Wallet

The GoWagr wallet is created for users to deposit money into to successfully create and join wagers and for other in-app transactions.

Users can fund their wallets in two ways; either by using their local currency which will be automatically converted to USDT (at the moment, Naira is the only available currency) or by making USDT deposits through the unique crypto wallet address created for them.

When needed, funds can be withdrawn from your wallet to your local bank account or to another USDT address on the Trx network.

How to Create Wagers

To create a wager on the Go Wagr app all you have to do is 

  1. Choose a category to fit in the wager you want to create. Gamers can choose to create a wager on which team or player will win a particular esports competition under the sports category.
  1. Choose a title for the wager that you want to create along with all the necessary information and terms of wagering.
  1. Input the amount you want to stake in the wager.

Once this has been completed, then you can send invites to everyone you want to enter into the wager with through an invite link or directly by inputting their WagrTag.

If in any case, you want to look for other people to enter into a wager with, you can send your wager to the marketplace, and if you would also like to be a part of other people’s wager, you can also visit the market place to find open wagers posted by other users.

Creating a wager is free, however, a 5% nominal platform fee of the total money stake in an active wager will be charged. 

Every wager made will be settled and money meant to be earned from it will be guaranteed. You can also connect your social media accounts to your Go Wagr account by visiting your profile settings and clicking on the social media account you want to add, then enter your handle. To learn more, visit GoWagr.

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