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Insideraf launches boardsider


 A professional player for Sidizens and an outside advisor for scrypted esports, Victor is the founder of African Esports Insider and Boardsider launched on the 1st of January 2022. Victor Bassey, a final year student of mechanical engineering has provided a means for professional gamers to have their portfolio articulated in an official state.

Just like most esports organizations in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, InsiderAF seeks to provide solutions to esports related problems and assist with the rapid advancement of the competitive scene.

Their aim is to provide an easier way for players and teams as a whole to showcase their achievements, social media handles, among others, connecting gamers around the world. They also strive to provide simpler ways for Scrims/event managers to manage their events through their discord bot, from the point of registration to the end of each event, this could equally be used to generate leaderboards with pre-designed templates instead of creating graphics daily for every leaderboard.


Another good thing about Boardsider is they allow teams to search for players who are looking to join a rooster with their portfolio already set with the required information needed to vet a player or a team.

Boardsider offers the following services:

  • Building, managing and growing of esports portfolios
  • Efficient leaderboard management
  • Automation of scrims and event management on discord(Bot)
  • Most importantly, Creating a more professional experience for the players, teams and organisations in Africa and Beyond.

To follow Boardsider on Instagram, click here. Get all the information you need on InsiderAF here

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