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Join over 140 Players on Nigeria’s Minecraft Server


Nigerian gamers interested in Minecraft can now join an active MC server that will suffice to ensure faster and smoother gameplay, enhancing the overall gaming experience for each player.

Minecraft is a game that allows you to build and explore virtual worlds made of blocks, you can gather resources, craft tools, and items, and create various structures of different sizes.

The Nigerian Community started in 2020 and has over one hundred and forty players with about 30 daily active members.

With the active server put in place, players in the country can easily connect, interact and build relationships among themselves. The game offers several modes including adventure modes such as: pvp, parkour, race, puzzles etc. The game also features a multiplayer option that allows players to collaborate or compete with others in a shared world.

The groups have the following rules:

Players are to be respectful 

There should be no griefing

There should be no killing unless both parties agree on some terms.

Click here to join the WhatsApp group where information about the server will be shared and to connect with other Minecraft players in Nigeria and around the world, you can also check out the community’s YouTube videos.

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