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Lagos State Signs MoU With France For The Development Of Esports


Lagos state becomes the first to enter into an Esports partnership with the France.

According to the governor of Lagos State, this partnership is set to provide opportunities for smart, talented and innovative youths who are looking to go into tech and related fields.


The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos state and the French Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs. Emmanuelle Blatmann.

Young Nigerian players will have access to top-notch online video resources thanks to this collaboration, which will also put them in a position to compete against others from other countries.

Additionally, this will spark fresh interactions and creative ideas, enhancing the abilities of Esports players who earn a living through gaming.

During the event, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said

“We are delighted to be laying the foundation for the development of this industry and becoming the first city in this part of Africa to do it. We are building something new, fresh and organic which will grow and uplift our youths in the IT world. This is the essence of this collaboration with France and the time is right to give our young people a new lease of life in the Esports industry. 

“Our enthusiasm is raised because, aside from the money to be earned from the industry, there would be skills and knowledge to be shared and transferred among our citizens taking part in the online sports. Technology, innovation and creativity are part of things we are committing great investment into in order to improve youth engagement. It is our belief that all the players will get to see the benefit of having this partnership between the two governments.”

This agreement represents the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial engagement between Lagos state and France, opening up chances for growth in the state through greater revenue and for its residents who are active in the esports industry.

This is good news as we are thrilled to witness the successful development of esports in Nigeria and it has only just begun. This partnership with France will redefine Esports in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, opening more windows of innovation to the state and its citizens.

This is encouraging news because esports in Nigeria is starting to grow successfully, and we are happy to see that. With additional doors of innovation opened to the nation and its people, this cooperation will redefine Esports in Nigeria and across all of Africa.

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