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List of esports organizations in nigeria (part 2)


Last week we gave a list of some of the esports organizations we have here in Nigeria, you can read up here. Today, we are going to highlight some more as we simply cannot get enough of these organizations.

  • Nexal Gaming Community.
esports organizations

Nexal gaming community is an esports organization that strives to connect gamers all over Nigeria and Africa at large. They are known for giving up to date information regarding the happenings in the world of Esports, the gaming community and esports organizations. They encourage participation and involvement in esports and provide the platform for the exchange of information among gamers in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. If you’re looking for fresh updates in the world of Esports, simply visit or follow them on Instagram and on Facebook.

  • Gamr Africa.

This is one of Nigeria’s first competitive Esports startups which provides subscription service platforms in which gamers participate in esports tournaments and provide a means through which organizers can reach players across Africa. At the end of each organized tournament, they also distribute prize money to winners to aid financial opportunities for African gamers. Just like other esports organizations, this organization also provides assistance to talented players through coaching and access to player analytics to become professionals, through the use of artificial intelligence technology and you can connect with them on their website and on Instagram.  

  • Game Nation Africa.

Game nation Africa is one of the popular esports organizations committed to uniting gamers across Africa by creating a fun, friendly and homely community for online gaming and competitive Esports. Players engage in over 20 gaming activities and tournaments in varieties of online games, ranging from online shooters to soccer, Ludo etc. ensuring total inclusion of all game types suited to satisfy individual preferences.

Their vision is to unite the whole of Africa through the gaming community, provide value in Esports entertainment and unique experiences to the community. They strive to deliver excellent gaming engagements to players all over Africa with over 2,000 members and 20 staff members equally adding economic value as well as recreation to the community and Africa as a whole. Connect with them via their website and on Instagram  

  • PUBG mobile Nigeria.

Players Unknown battlegrounds also known as PUBG is a multiplayer online game which has been trending for quite a long time. It is available for the Xbox as well as on Android and IOS.

PUBG mobile Nigeria is an esports organization created to house, organize, and promote PUBG mobile in Nigeria and Africa at large. They organize tournaments that bring together different PUBG players to form teams that compete for the first position.

They host the most prestigious PUBG Mobile League In Nigeria; The Nigerian Pro League (NPL) which is held once a year. Join their discord server to know more You can also follow them on Twitter

  • Immersia Virtual Reality.

Immersia VR is a video game store in Lagos Nigeria equipped to provide players with a private and comfortable atmosphere in playing video games. They are experts at integrating Virtual realities into corporate events, school parties and social gathering generally. They provide immersive virtual reality and ensure that players are given unforgettable experiences, these experiences enhance learning and engagement by creating a virtual world in which individuals interact. Students who take part in these games can explore topics, see how things are set up and develop creativity. They specialize in branded content for VR marketing, VR trainings and also provide unique and engaging Virtual reality experiences and games for your events. Reach them via  for more information.

  • Aha Games.

This is a distribution platform with over 15,000 free games to download on mobile devices and 20 million users worldwide. They first developed in Nigeria before gradually spreading to Kenya, Egypt and India. As game developers operate through this platform, Aha games gives service to a large number of users, they provide games of different genres and styles for regular users and also publish games online for game developers. They can be reached via

  • Kucheza Gaming.

Located in Nigeria and founded by Bukola Akingbade, Kucheza gaming is an Esports organization focused on improving digital excellence. It is available for kids between ages 6-18. They seek to utilize Esports as a tool for learning and growth among African kids. It is their belief that Video gaming helps to improve problem solving skills as players are required to think carefully before taking certain steps. They are involved in developing products that unite gamers, their parents, and the Esports industry as a whole to deliver educational, vocational and economic value through fun and exciting means.

They also host Esports events and organize tournaments between schools. Connect with them on their website 

  • Genii Games limited

Genii games limited are in charge of the genii games, a collection of mobile apps aimed at promoting and teaching the African culture most especially to African kids, spiking their interest and increasing their knowledge of the African culture.
Genii games limited are in charge of the genii games, a collection of mobile apps aimed at promoting and teaching the African culture most especially to African kids, spiking their interest and increasing their knowledge of the African culture.

The Genii game library features over 130 casino games and are also popular for teaching different African languages. Their apps are available for download on the AppStore and play store. They can also be reached via

Esports in Nigeria is gaining ground and the professional esports community are seen to be making impressive progress, through different organized competitions by Esports organizations within Nigeria and between Nigeria and other African countries, Nigerian teams are hoping to place the country as one of those with great affinity for Esports and a huge force to be reckoned with.

Other than the few mentioned, Nigeria has more esports organizations in existence. Be sure to leave a comment mentioning one or two that wasn’t mentioned in this post and the previous one. Also, connect with Nexal gaming community on social media for more up to date information as we waste no time in bringing fresh updates your way. 

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