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Maliyo Games Set to Boost Traction at the Games Capital Summit


Maliyo Games is a mobile game development studio in Lagos Nigeria that focuses on African-Inspired games for mobile devices. They incorporate African storylines and characters into their games to make them authentic, some of the games they have created are Math Rush, Whot King, Aboki Run, and Jungle Escape, among others.

Maliyo Games

Maliyo Games will be sharing how they’ve been able to create unique games for Africa’s mobile gaming enthusiasts to investors at the Summit happening in Sweden.

The Games Capital Summit is hosted by Nordic Games Ventures and is designed to create a platform where entrepreneurs can meet with potential investors and in the process learn what it takes for you to be investable.

The summit focuses on equity funding, where investors are interested in funding companies in exchange for the shares of that company.

About 100 companies from around the globe applied for an opportunity to pitch to over 20 game VCs at the Games Capital Summit 2023, but only 12 finalists made it through the rigorous selection process, Maliyo being the only Nigerian company to emerge.

The founder of Maliyo Games, Hugo Obi has expressed excitement at the opportunity he has to pitch at the summit where he will be sharing his plans, process, successes and challenges faced in the journey.

This is another great avenue to showcase what’s happening in the African Esports space to a bigger audience as Maliyo Games will be revealing African-inspired mobile games to a larger group of people with the hope that one or more investors are captivated by their idea.

This year’s Games Capital Summit will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of May, 2023 in Malmo, Sweden. For more information, you can check out Maliyo Games.

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