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mobile legends nigeria gets a new logo ahead of mlnl season 3


Mobile Legends Nigeria gets a new look ahead of Mobile Legends Nigerian League(MLNL) : Season 3 set to begin August 1st to September 12th, 2021 with a prize pool of ₦70,000 and sponsored by Nexal Gaming Community

Mobile Legends Nigeria

Mobile Legends Nigerian League also got a new logo as well…

Mobile Legends Nigerian League

MLNL Season 3 structure changes over the past days, the new structure now is 8 Teams that will be participating in MLNL S3 will be selected in this format:
• Top Teams in the weekend Tournament ranking
• 1 Most anticipated team to play vote the communuty
• Top 3 in a qualifier knockout event

The qualifier knockout event will kick off just two (2) days (Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July, 2021)

Saviours Esports (SAVS) , Reap N Kill (RNK), Hexidecimalz (HEX), AKATSUKI (AKT) are the 4 top teams already advancing to the league whereas every other interested team for MLNL S3 will have to register for the knockout event, registration ends Friday 23rd July, 2021 12pm WAT or when 9 team have registered completely.

A poll will be sent across to the public on Friday to vote for the team they wish to see play, when registration ends.
To register head to Mobile Legends Discord Server

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