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New squad Name, Logo revealed for afk nabs x kings royales merger


More information and details have finally been revealed following the merger of All for kills nabs (AFK nabs) and King Royales (Kings). This comes after weeks of silence from the both sides. The new squad prior to the merge would now be rebranded as Realm of Kings with its respective division 2 going by the name of Kings Domain. Realm of Kings is a new merger made up of professional players from both AFK nabs and King Royales with the sole interest of becoming a formidable and top side in the Mobile Legends Nigeria (MLN) community .

Realm of Kings
Kings Domain

Following weeks of vigorous training and practice, the head coach which have been relentless in his efforts and plans made the new revelations in a ground breaking speech.

Realm of Kings is a merger between King Royales and All For Kills Nab. Many of you are already aware that we have been working hard over the past to be able to get to where we are today and we are ready to move forward with this exciting new line ups. I will remain the head coach for the mean time and during this period, we will be aiming to reach our proposed targets.We are well aware of the current standings of squads in MLN and this will mean that we need to get extra creative and aggressive in our methods of achieving set goals.Tough times are for us to get tougher and not use the current climate as a negative block but rather an energising spring board for new ideas with our goals in mind.Expect the best from us.

Head Coach – Kami

Recall that it was revealed that Afk nabs and King Royales partook in a trailblazing merger in the last few weeks under the supervision of the head coach.

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