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Npl season 5 – The SURVIVAL journey so far

npl season 5

The PUBG Nigerian pro league season five (NPL SEASON 5) which started on the 5th of March 2022 and hosted by 10N8E has just gone through its fifth week of playoffs with Old Guards emerging as number one on the overall playoffs leaderboard, Cyclone Shield as number two, and Sidizens YY as the third team on the leaderboard.

npl season 5 playoff standings


So far, these three teams in the NPL Season 5 have been able to register and get accepted. When asked how they’ve managed to keep up with this, the top teams pointed out consistency and keeping up to date with information as the key to their success. They also accredited their current standings to having good players with the right skills and hard work.

Furthermore, they indicated that as the game forged ahead they expected it to get more challenging with different teams trying to get into the game and advance to the top, nonetheless, they would not relent in their efforts.

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