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Npl season 5 is here!


The Nigerian Pro League Season Five (NPL Season 5) is here! The NPL is an annual event open to teams with at least 70% gamers of the Nigerian nationality only, this season’s event is hosted by 10n8e, set to take place from March 5 to August 28 and will be in three stages.

  • The Playoffs 
npl season 5
  • The National League 
  • The Grand Finale

The national and grand event of the NPL season 5 is set to hold physically. The teams will participate in the playoffs and accumulate points which will lead them to the National League, where they will be engaged by last year’s top teams, after which they will battle it out to make the Grand Finale.

Registration for the Playoffs started on the 1st of March after which the playoffs will last from March 5 – July 17, The National league will follow suit from July 19 – August 11 and the Grand Finale will take place on the 28th of August 2022.

For registration, eligibility and more information click here to join the discord server.

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