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Outlaws newly signed roster


It is often said that great things in business are never done by one person but by a team of people.

Outlaws_ng recently made new additions to their team, three content creators were officially announced on Saturday 9th of October 2021, in an interview with Benjamin, a co-founder of outlaws_ng he stated that they had one content creator who they previously officially announced as a member of their team however, after a while it came to their notice that the individual wasn’t who they thought he was, hence the delay in this recent announcement as these new additions have been with the organization for about 6 months before the official announcement and have been seen to be competent enough for the Job.

CATBOYTHAIOH is a seasoned player and a content creator, he also made it with Outlaws_ng to the Apex African showdown finals organized by Nodwin gaming. The team finished 10th place in that event.He is also a photographer and the Apex team manager, creating content surrounding Apex legends for outlaws_ng

IAMXFEZ creates content on his personal YouTube channel and for outlaws majorly on Destiny 2 and first person shooters.

NOVAK is an Apex legends and CODM content creator.

Expect more fiery content from outlaws_ng moving forward as they still have more team members to unveil.

Also, if you’re a content creator in the esports world or otherwise, or a video gamer you could reach out to Outlaws_ng to join their team through their discord their social media accounts or send an email to as they are on the look out for you, they are ready to work and grow with you on your journey.

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