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PES 2022 DEMO? – What To Expect.


Everybody knows PES, chances are that if you’ve never heard of PES, you’ve never played a football game before.

Gotten from PESPATCH

From the first PES game, other wise known as Winning Eleven, Konami has continued to make changes every year each edition, however one thing remained constant, they’d always substitute high class graphics like that of FIFA for better gameplay and to be honest, it’s really the game play that matters.

This year though, with the coming edition of PES 2022, Konami has decided to step up their game, they’re saying “look, why have only good game play when we can have a perfect gameplay and standard graphics”, and you know what? There’s even a demo coming out on all consoles except from PC (too bad, wahala for who no get Play station), but don’t be scared, your darling PES 22 is definitely going to be out on PC.

Now, in this PES 22 demo, we are going to be having much better graphics, and as a PES fan, I really look forward to it, I’m tired of Messi scoring a free kick and dancing like he’s got joint problems. We are also definitely going to be seeing more stadiums, howbeit, will the fans be there? Or will covid be reflected? Find out on our next PES post.

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