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Put Your Skills to the Test! Register and Compete in Gameit9ja’s 1.5 Million Naira Mobile Football Tournament



Introducing GAMEIT9ja’s mobile football tournament, mirroring the intensity of the Champions League, Europa, and the Conference Cup.

Like the knockout stages of top global competitions, players in this tournament eagerly await their turn, anticipation electrifying the air as they prepare to showcase their skills on the virtual field.

The Esports platform connects gamers and game developers in the local and international gaming scene. Gameit9ja so far has given out 23 awards, been involved in 6 projects, and has a variety of games on its platform.

What is new on Gameit9ja?

GameIt9ja introduces a league system that brings a level of excitement to the fans of eFootball. Registration for the tournament is on and will be closing on the 12th of March, 2024 while the tournament lingers until September 2024.

Gameit9ja League System

The League has a huge prize pool of 1.5 million naira that is split across the leagues. The Super League would take the biggest chunk of the prize pool, a sum of 500,000 naira, followed by League 1 with a total prize pool of 400,000 amongst the competitors.

The third and fourth leagues are League 2 and League 3 with 300,000 naira and 200,000 naira respectively and the last league is “League 4” with a prize pool of 100,000 naira.

You can register to participate in the league on Gameit9ja’s page. The required details include your name, the name of your team, and state of origin amongst other requirements.

The perfect opportunity is here! Seize the moment to unveil the skills you’ve honed. This could be your pivotal stepping stone; don’t hesitate, to embrace it.


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