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Rage Gaming Qualifies For Gamr X 3 Times in a Row!


Rage Gaming, one of the popular esports teams in Nigeria has qualified for Gamr X the third time in a row!

Rage Gaming was founded primarily as a Call Of Duty: Mobile team from a merger of two teams, Legion and Fury in May 2021 by Elvis Okoye “Life” and Somto Ugochukwu “Indahizze”.  The aim of the merger was to form a tier 2 team strong enough to compete against the best  teams in the African scene, and then become a Tier 1 African team.

Rage gaming rose to become the best Tier 2 team in 2021 and was voted Next rated team in the Sub-Saharan Africa CODM scene. 

The team achieved their aim of becoming a Tier 1 team in 2022 and gradually became a force to reckon with by winning its first prestigious title [Infinix Mobile masters LAN event]. Subsequently, Rage came 3rd in the first GAMR X LAN tournament and never looked back from there. The esports team have continued to maintain a well organized structure that saw many talented players come through the system and become highly rated individuals in the African competitive scene.

In 2023, Rage gaming was at the peak of the scene, competing with the likes of Cyclone, Zero remorse and Cast eSports who were all formidable Tier 1 teams. The esports team performed beautifully, bagging 3rd place in the second edition of Gamr X in 2023 behind Hydra esports and the winners, Zero Remorse.

In August 2023, Rage Gaming won the Mobile Mayhem Africa summer championship, which is the highest ranked event in the African scene. This crowned a very successful year for the CODM team in the scene.

Rage gaming introduced its PUBG: Mobile team to the community as “Rage shield Gaming, after going into partnership with Cyclone shield in the PUBG:M African scene. 

2023 saw Rage Gaming being awarded as Best Esports Organization in Nigeria by GAMR, and also best CODM team in Nigeria by the Nigerian esports Federation. 

Some of the biggest challenges that Rage gaming have had are roster inconsistencies, lack of sponsors to work with and financial capability to execute a lot of exciting initiatives.

Rage Gaming has come 3rd  in both the 2022 and 2023 edition of Gamr X.

Participating in Gamr X qualifiers offers a chance to highlight the talents within the team while also leveraging branding and marketing opportunities for the organization.

The ongoing Gamr X tournament was the hardest qualifying series in CODM according to them as there were more teams vying for a spot, this caught Rage Gaming off guard on the first day of the qualifiers and resulted in a shocking 2 – nil defeat to Eclipse Gaming.

The CODM team made some tactical adjustments in player roles and this resulted in the defeat of every opposing team presenting Rage Gaming with a clean sweep to top the table in group B. Meanwhile, the PUBG:M team breezed through its opponents to secure a slot at the GAMR X LAN event.

This year, Rage Gaming would be vying to win the LAN tournament on both CODM and PUBG:M front, as well as win another award at the event stakeholders gathering.

According to them, looking at Gamr X from a player’s perspective, It is unique because it is one of the most prestigious gaming events in Africa, which provides a lifetime experience for the players and community at large.

Rage Gaming also aims to become a premium esports organization from Nigeria which would represent the country on numerous platforms and compete against the very best on the global esports stage.

The Esports team wants to be at the forefront of partnerships with African esport visionaries, so as to become a gaming hub for lifestyle and entertainment in Africa.

When asked about their advice for aspiring esports players, the reply was quite short and precise “Keep investing and growing your brand, there is light at the end of the tunnel”.

Rage Gaming’s qualification for the third time straight in Gamr X tournaments prove that the team is actively putting in efforts to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian and African Call of Duty: Mobile Scene. Their participation in the upcoming Gamr X tournament can potentially serve as a platform for future success and contribute to the growth of esports in Africa.

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