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Rage Shield Gaming Makes it Among The Top 16 Teams in CAP2024


The Coupe ‘D’Afrique popularly known as CAP2024 is a PUBG tournament designed to challenge and elevate the skills of PUBG Mobile players across Africa.

The first edition held in 2022 had 36 teams divided into two groups of 18 teams each from Africa participating in the tournament. 

Sixteen teams made it to the finals to battle it out for the ultimate PUBG Mobile champions in Africa with Ultima Rrage from Madagascar emerging as champions of the tournament followed closely by Solo Esports from Senegal and Big Black Crocodile.

Now, in its second edition, the tournament has gotten bigger, with 80 teams vying for supremacy. Divided into five groups, the group stage unfolded between March 7th and April 7th, promising a thrilling and competitive event. 

The second edition is bigger and better, happening this year, and the 80 teams that participated were divided into five groups of 16 teams. The group stage took place between the 7th of March and the 7th of April.

The battle for African PUBG Mobile supremacy heats up as the field narrows! From a pool of 32 teams at the Semi-Finals, only 16 remain, including Rage Shield Gaming!

Rage Gaming has been a force to be reckoned with throughout CAP2024. They’ve consistently fought their way to the top, battling fiercely in every tournament they enter. Their dedication and relentless pursuit of victory have landed them a coveted spot in the final stage alongside other Nigerian teams like Gods of War and Afro Esports.

This is Rage Gaming’s moment to shine!  Can they emerge victorious and claim the title of best PUBG Mobile team in Africa? Find out by streaming through Eagle Stream on YouTube. For more information, join the Afreeca Rise discord channel or follow them

on Instagram.

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