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Emotions were all over the place and positions like feelings were thrown out the window last night, 12th December 2021, as the final Republic of Gamers 2-Day Multiplayer Tournament of the year took place and ended in style. The event had so many twists and turns but it would not be the ROG if it were not characterized by all of those.

The community witnessed SGH Hydra take the victory of the tourney after such beautiful displays in each game they graced. All time favourites, Cyclone Gaming played in the semifinals against Zero Remorse in a super wildly contested bracket only to lose and get knocked out. Cyclone Gaming got a DQ by fielding two players using marksman rifles (snipers) which goes against the ROG Rules, some termed that as a “rookie mistake” for a team of such great magnitude. Hydra faced the shaky Elyte Gamers in the semis and trampled upon them making every single one of their players go negative in the respawn match.

One would have thought Zero Remorse would finally clutch the win since the mighty storm of Cyclone were out of their way but Hydra had other plans of being a stumbling block to their success. The Battle of 5 finals which ended 3 to 1, did not give anything short of supreme entertainment from start to finish. Many in the community feel it is indeed a great change to see a different team name on the top of the food chain. But how long will it last? A question that will be answered in weeks to come.

Honourable mention goes out to Hubris Genesis who played against Cyclone Gaming in the Round 2 of the event. They showed great tenacity and are definitely a team to look out for in the coming year. Congratulations to Hydra once again and huge props to the ROG officials for their earnest and massive contributions to the Sub-Saharan Africa CODMobile scene.

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