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Saviours Esports releases statement ahead of mlnl season 3


The management of Saviours Esports have released a statement following their preparations for the MLNL season 3 tournament. The one time MLNL champions have reassured their commitment to their fans promising them their best outing. Saviours Esports also promised that they are going to do everything possible to bring the championship title back and win the MLNL season 3 tournament. On their part, they also expressed appreciation on the management and administration of Mobile Legends Nigeria thanking them for a job well done and for the privilege to compete in the MLNL Season 3 tournament. They also have this to say,

We have been waiting patiently for MlNL Season 3, we understand that only 8 teams are going to partake in the league and we feel honoured to be amongst the 8 teams. We are going to do everything to win the MLNL s3 tournament and take back our title as the Champions of Mobile Legends Nigeria. Most definitely, we wouldn’t be here without the admin of MLN, we would like to thank them for their efforts they have put into making MLNL s3 possible.

Saviours Esports
Saviours Esports

Recall that the MLNL season 3 tournament is expected to flag off on 1st of August 2021 and will last for 6 weeks. Saviours Esports being one of the top squads in Nigeria and former champions are also expected to participate in the MLNL season 3 tournament.

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