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Sector 7 Esports player dies at age 19 | Memorial room hosted for S7〆PeAcE


Thursday 12th May, 2022 was a sad day in the Nigerian PUBG Mobile Community as the terrible news spread across the community. Emmanuel Ogbuji age 19 aka S7〆PeAcE, a proud member of Sector 7 Esports passed away.

The PUBG Mobile Community upon hearing this sad news decided to host a room for their comrade S7〆PeAcE. The announcement of the room hosted for him was made yesterday on 3 Crown Esports Discord Server. The room lobby kicked off around 11:50pm WAT Friday 13th May, 2022.

In loving memory of (Emmanuel Ogbuji popularly known in SECTOR SEVEN as S7〆PeAcE), we are saddened to announce his passing on (12/05/2022). A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. Please join us to mourn him today as we will be hosting a 5th room after today matches. His favorite map was Sanhok and his favorite drop-spot was bootcamp. All players should land in boot camp pick up a gun and shoot in the air to pay their respects . It really saddens me that I have to type this

Announcement made by 3C YōDA –

The entire room was captured live on YouTube by 3 Crown Esports: (1) AEC WESTERN QUALIFIERS LOBBY A/B – YouTube (skip to 1:43:00 to watch the room hosted for S7〆PeAcE.

1:43:00 – S7〆PeAcE SPECIAL ROOM.
Clip from S7〆PeAcE SPECIAL ROOM – captured by Clutchkkk
Clip from S7〆PeAcE SPECIAL ROOM – captured by Clutchkkk

As you all can see from the videos above S7〆PeAcE was a man loved and respected not only by his family and close friends but also by his community, the Nigerian PUBG Mobile Community. S7〆PeAcE your comrades gave you a salute indeed truly worthy of a great soldier, may your SOUL FIND REST EVEN IN DEATH, AMEN.

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