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Suicide Squad Emerge winners of the Nexal Mobile Legends League S1


6 weeks of controversies, emotions and consolidations came to its pioneer end as Suicide Squad (SSQ) were crowned champions of The Nexal Mobile Legends (NML) S1 after going on an unbeaten run to beat Cloud 9 Gaming in the grand finals.

16 teams were split into groups of 4 and faced off in 24 group stage games that saw favourites like Saviours Esports and divisions of Hexadecimalz get knocked out before even making it to the quarter-final stage. This stage saw a lot of controversies as teams experienced game disqualifications and player bans due to the use of all-chat and playing with unregistered players. A tiebreaker was then played in Group C to determine the qualifiers between Mental Domain, Hexadecimalz and Composition 4(C4), of which Mental Domain would knockout Hexadecimalz from the league and then go on to beat Composition 4 to finish top of the group

8 teams finished from the group stage and proceeded into the quarter-finals where controversies would once again resurface as chat bugs and network issues would cause the unsolicited use of all-chat which led to teams losing crucial games in their quarter-final best of 3 matchups.

Quantum Circle, Dread Doctors, Cloud 9 Gaming and Suicide Squad were able to secure their place in the Semi-Finals from where Quantum Circle would get their biggest shock of the tournament and their very first loss, as they saw themselves knocked out by underdogs Cloud 9 Gaming, and Dread Doctors would follow suit as they also got knocked out by league favourites Suicide Squad.

Quantum Circle and Dread Doctors would then face off on the 4th of May for third place in another best of 3 match-ups. Dread Doctors came out strong and put in a good contest but would only fall short, losing two games back-to-back which would then see Quantum Circle get crowned as the 3rd place Winners for the Nexal Mobile Legends Season 1. The Best of 5 Final was then played on the 8th of May 2022 between two of the finest Mobile Legends teams in Nigeria by the names of Suicide Squad and Cloud 9 Gaming.

(99)Mike Richie

Suicide Squad (SSQ) got off to the best possible start as they took Game 1 in a dominating fashion, destroying Cloud 9 Gaming 17-2 in Game 1 and winning Game 2 in the same scintillating fashion. Cloud 9 Gaming however would put up a solid fight to win Game 3 but would then find themselves on the losing end as Suicide Squad would conclude the final with a comfortable 3-1 victory over Cloud 9 Gaming. (99)Mike Richie of SSQ would also walk away as the MVP of the tournament

Season 1 was proudly supported by top brands like Carry1st and Crave Esports and The Season 2 of the League is expected to return at some time in early 2023 for another round of competitive play between these Top Mobile Legends Esports Teams.

Suicide Squad (SSQ)

Congratulations to Suicide Squad(SSQ)… Champions of NML Season 1 😛

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1 year ago

Congrats to SSQ on their win, it was indeed a thrill filled tournament, can’t wait for season 2

1 year ago