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Tales of survival: erangel by elisha patricia (jace nox) and tony egbo (Actfire)


“Whatever happens in the virtual world, stays in the virtual world. “Tales of survival: Erangel is a book that takes us through the life of a PubG gamer, Aiden Hester and an advanced virtual reality world, where gamers could immerse themselves into specific games and become their avatars; created by ActFire (Tony Egbo) and Jace Nox (Elisha Patricia).

The main character in the tales of survival, Aiden wakes up one morning and remembers nothing about the last two years of his life, he discovers that he has better skills and was faster and could recoil more guns compared to the period before the strange coma-like incident. Confused,  he tried searching for answers as to what transpired within those two years that were blank in his memory, he found a letter assuring him that everything would be alright and wasn’t just in his head, the letter further advised him to move on with his life.

Apart from the intense gaming life of Aiden, he meets Elysee who reminds him of his one true love, Elysia and a supposed one-night stand is transformed into something more with boundaries set. They both weren’t down for a full blown relationship and agreed to provide emotional and sexual support for each other.

Unlike most stories, this book of 77 pages was created out of fun by two friends and gamers, Fire and Jace Nox, both of who put parts of themselves into the two main characters to increase the authenticity of the book.

An amazing read for all, to get the complete story, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

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