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The African Elite League finals


With a total of 30,627 views—21,070 for the finals and 9,557 for the qualifiers—the African Elite League finals came to a triumphant conclusion. 

Sixteen teams advanced to the finals, with the top three teams, One Million Esports, Black Jack, and 3 Crown Esports, placing first, second, and third on the standings, respectively.

The teams competed against one another over the course of four days, playing four matches each day, with the top team having the most points remaining at the top of the leaderboard.

Even though there were three top teams, every team that participated received money for playing, with One Million Esports receiving the highest prize of $1,000 for having the most points at the end of the competition. Additionally, this five-player squad left with the trophy as league champions.

The English stream was hosted by Crownz, Enigma, Priest, and  Act fire, and the Arabic stream by Joyboy, Flanker, Denver. The African Elite  league was sponsored by Monster Energy.

3 crowns Esports also partnered with Insider Africa as their official media partner and the Nexal Gaming Community as their official marketing partner.

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