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Things to learn from the MLN 4th weekend Tournament


With the MLN 5th Weekend Tournament starting in full gear today with 15 squads participating and the much acclaimed Shinigami returning, here are things to learn from the just concluded MLN 4th Weekend Tournament.

With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything – Hexadecimalz hardwork, determination and performance. There is no doubt that Hexadecimalz has come a long way with an improving and refining performance in each of their outings , being able to cling to third place in the 3rd weekend tournament and finishing first place in the just concluded 4th tournament with a glorious and dominating performance. Hexadecimalz have been able to maintain their momentum and show great perseverance rewarding them with a spot in the big 3 and a first place cash prize of Ten Thousand Naira from the MLN 4th Weekend Tournament.

A new formationcan either make or break – Ataksuki success from being lucky, to network advantages, to professionalism, and to a host of several reactions from Akatsuki outing, Akatsuki undoubtedly, shocked and suprised many, with a suprise finish in second place in the just concluded weekend tournament. It was a victory well deserved as we saw a handful of changes in their formation and a ton of practice and grinding over the past weeks. The changes were well worth it as Akatsuki were able to reciprocate their best outing in this tournament. Unfortunately, we would not be seeing a performance from Akatsuki in the MLN 5th Weekend Tournament as they would not be participating in this week’s own.


Overconfidence precedes carelessness – RNK embarrassing outing: While many may argue about network delay and high ping rates, RNK, one of the top leading squads at the moment, fell out of the tournament at the earliest stages of the MLN 4th Weekend Tournament due to their overconfidence and underestimation of their opponents. There were grave consequences as this saw an embarrassing outing from RNK with a lot of reactions and opinions trailing their defeat by Akatsuki. Can RNK make up for their mistakes, lets find out in the MLN 5th Weekend Tournament.

New management, new challenges – Saviors Esports: Following the recent acquisition of Nigma by Saviours Esports, many fan fears were realized in the MLN 4th Weekend Tournament over the future of the team and their winning form as Saviours Esports fell out in the MLN 4th Weekend Tournament. Saviors Esports were not able to replicate their form and performance as in previous tournaments with many citing the new leadership for their poor outing. Can Saviors Esports keep the hopes and dreams of their fans alive, lets find out in this ongoing Tournament.

Talent wins games, but teamwork win championships: Teamwork is key as we saw in the likes of Hexadecimalz and RNK. The 4th MLN weekend tournament was able to prove this , as we saw many talented players and team fail to deliver due to their lack of teamwork, cohesion and cooperation.

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