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Top 5 MLBB youtubers in nigeria right now


In a bid to support the growing Mobile Legends Nigerian community, we will be looking at the Nigerian youtubers calling the shots at the moment and the community’s most popular youtubers.

  1. LEGION EDITS : The most popular ML youtuber in Nigeria at the moment, Legion edits hosts a collection of funny gameplays and moments, edits, shorts and exciting contents.
  2. JOSHIRO: Mobile Legends Nigeria foremost and premium youtuber and streamer, you can catch up on all previous Mobile Legends Nigeria tournaments and events from Joshiro. Joshiro also boasts of interesting gameplays and grindings.
  3. ASTROLYCAN: One of the older names in Mobile Legends Nigeria, Astrolycan hosts diverse content ranging from playthroughs, tutorials, gameplays ,arcade mode and more.
  4. BUCKY THIRST: Bucky thirst is home to a collection of edits, gameplays, interesting content and lots more.
  5. GAME BUSTER INC: Another top channel worth checking out is Game Buster inc, which boasts of several awesome contents as well as gameplays.

As we all know, being a youtuber is never easy, don’t forget to support, like and subscribe to these dedicated gamers and streamers.

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