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Top 10 Mobile Legends players with the most Hero Played games in Nigeria (updated)


We often see players with different proficiencies on many heroes but there are some that go the extra mile with an insane number of games played on a hero. While the total number of games might not necessarily determine the overall skill and prowess of a player, the insane amount of games is just awe-inspiring and amazing. As they always say, a master of one is better than a master of all. As of the time of filing this report, Here are the top 10 Mobile Legends Nigerian players with the most games ever played with a hero in the Nigerian community:

1. Diostompsyou : A top player and mage player in the Mobile Legends Nigerian Community and also a member of the top professional squad, Saviour Esports Diostompsyou have the most games played with any hero ever played with a staggering number of 2017 games on the hero zhask.


2. Alexander Hel : A jungler role player, Alexander Hel boasts of 1929 games with the hero gusion.


3. Wesley : A top Nigerian player and a mage player, Wesley boasts of 1862 games with Guinevere , a hero most players find very annoying and difficult to deal with.


4. Syco : The leader of a top and formidable Nigerian Side, Hexadecimalz and a player known for his insane fanny gameplay, Syco boasts of 1754 games with the hero fanny.


5. Berserker : Leader of fated to feed and a player known for his brutal and complete domination with the hero aldous especially in the late games, Berserker has over 1600 games with the hero aldous.


6. Gamebuster : A top player and a jungler role player, Gamebuster is a very proficient jungler boasting of 1450 games with the hero Roger


7. Hidan : A top professional player and Sidelaner Player, Hidan is known for his insane Chou gameplay, boasting of 1426 games with the hero Chou

8. Krest : Leader of Realm of Kings, a top professional player and a sidelaner role player, Krest boasts of 1412 games with the hero Yi sun shin


9. Nerf Leko Knight : A top player and also a jungler role player, Leko knight boasts of 1407 games with the hero Alucard


10. Konan : A tank role player, member of the top professional team, Akatsuki and one of the most loved player in the community, Konan boasts of 1385 games with her favorite hero, lolita



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