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Top 5 Mobile Legends sQuads in Nigeria right now (updated)


As the Mobile Legends Nigerian tournament series keeps growing in competition and participation with some squads leaving their marks in the Nigeria league, Here are the top 5 squads in Nigeria that are calling the shots and to look out for.

Mobile Legends Nigeria (MLN)

1. SAVIOURS ESPORTS: Formally known as Nigma and currently sitting at the number one rank are the champions and a powerhouse to be reckoned with, Saviours eSports. Saviours Esports has shown their dominance, expertise and their quality countless times on the battlefield with going as far as clinging to the MLN s1 and s5 championship title in the weekend series. Boasting of a ton of experience, dedicated players, professional plays, hero mastery ,and a growing fanbase, Saviours have captured the hearts of many.


2. REAP “N” KILL: Ranking number two presently are the star studded and 2 times MLN tournament champions Reap n Kill, RNK with Saviours Esports being their biggest rivals. Until recently, RNK have dominated the Nigerian league boasting of top players, expertise, influence ,professional plays and tactics. RNK also boasts of being one of the oldest and most popular squad in the Nigerian league.


3. HEXADECIMALZ: Ranking 3rd is the resilient and most improved squad Hexadecimalz. With their experience, growing proficiency, spectular plays and acquisition of top ML Nigerian players, Hexadecimalz are a formidable side to reckon with in the MLN tournament series.


4. LEGION ESPORTS: Currently sitting at 4th place is Legion eSports. Legion eSports host some of the best plays, team game and expertise on their part. Despite controversies and reactions trailing Legion eSports with many predicting their downfall following the castoff and exit of some of their top players, Legion eSports are still standing strong and are not looking back.


5. AKATSUKI: Falling at 5th place is the beloved Akatsuki squad. Inspired by the Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden series with each of their players named after its members, Akatsuki hosts some interesting gameplays, professionalism, quality and a dedicated roster. Akatsuki have been able to surprise many with their hard-work and improvements so far.


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