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Vitaltech gameworld are in advanced talks in the recruitment of 4 non executive directors. Verbal agreement reached✓. Final details soon.


   Vitaltech Gameworld has made the recruiting of non executive directors as their first task on their ongoing projects to break into the esports scene fully. They’ve been in contact with four (4) non executive directors for the past few months and it has been understood that verbal agreements have been reached with each of them, their identities still remain undisclosed as every talks and negotiations has been going on privately.

   Vitaltech Gameworld is an emerging esports organization in Warri Delta State Nigeria. They’ve been in the gaming market for more than 5years and their major target in recent times has been to fully break into the esports industry and promote it’s growth in Nigeria. They are also the publishers of Project Contents

You can visit their handles:
• Instagram as @vitaltechgameworld
• Facebook as vitaltechgameworld (Page) & Vitaltech VTgame

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