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Win 100k At The First Ever Nigerian Farlight84 Championships 


Cxmmunity is inviting all Nigerian gamers and gaming enthusiasts to the first-ever Farlight84 Battle Royale Tournament happening in Nigeria this month. Skilled gamers will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents, compete and win the 100,000 naira prize up for grabs.

Registration will commence on the 16th of June 2023 and will last till the 19th of the same month, the tournament is scheduled to begin on the 21st of June 2023.

To participate in the tournament and stand a chance to win, install Discord and join Cxmmunuty discord channel by clicking here. Then put together a team of a minimum of four skilled players, proceed to register on the channel using the provided format, and make sure that at least three of your team members are on the discord channel and tagged during the registration, failure to do this could result in your team not being allowed to participate in the game.

Registration is completely free and open to all, the competition is sponsored by Cxmmunity, in partnership with the Nexal Gaming Community. For more information and inquiries, join this Whatsapp group

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