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Winners of Kon10dr’s Esports Championship Unveiled


On the 12th and 13th of December, 2023, the Kon10dr Esports Championship took place at Alliance Francaise, Ikoyi, Lagos state. 

The event was filled with intense competition as professional players from various locations showcased their skills in CODM, FC 24, and Street Fighter.

The championship unfolded in multiple stages, starting with qualifiers where teams and individual players battled head to head through challenging rounds, vying for dominance and the coveted title of champion.

The event also featured four thought-provoking panel sessions on Understanding Esports and Careers in Esports, Building and Sustaining Communities, She Can Play, and Game Development and Video Game Ecosystem.

The Championship had a total prize pool of 5,000,000. Exceptional players were rewarded with exciting prizes, adding to the thrill of the competition. Fans eagerly speculated on strategies and awaited the announcement of winners for each gaming title.

At the EAFC finals, Adefola secured the 1st position, earning 750k with an additional 50k bonus. Faruk Manzo claimed the 2nd position, winning 250k plus a 50k bonus, while Kay Kay landed in 3rd place, walking away with 150k and an extra 50k bonus.

In the Street Fighter tournament, Sheikhster emerged victorious in 1st position, taking home 750,000 naira. Ryu Apprentice secured 2nd place with 250,000 naira, while Sir Dragon Lord clinched the 3rd position and was awarded 150,000 naira along with a 50k bonus. K.I.D landed in 4th place with 150,000 naira.

For CODM, Sierra Seven triumphed in the 1st position winning 750,000 naira, followed by Rage Gaming with 250,000 naira  in 2nd place, Nato in 3rd place walked  away with 150,000 naira, and Eternox Esports claiming the 4th position winning a sum of 150,000 naira.

The Kon10dr Esports Championship boasted notable partnerships with Maliyo Games, Unanimous Games, Nigeria Esports Federation, and others. It served as a platform where passion, skill, and the pursuit of excellence converged, showcasing an unforgettable display of gameplay from each team and player.

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