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Women in Esports 2 – an Interview with the terrific Amaarflt.


In the past, games made specifically for female gamers were fashioned after girly characters like Barbie, and the baby-sitters club. Now women in esports play the same game as guys with deep interest in action-adventure and combat filled games, they have grown to be just as skilled as some guys with a few even better at these games.

women in esports

We interviewed one of the women in esports last week; Kittie an award winning gamer, read up on her interview here

Today’s interview revolves around AmaarFLT, a gamer and content creator.

Q: Please introduce yourself 

A: My name is Ezenwa Nancy Amarachukwu aka Amaar. I am 20 years old and currently a graduate of covenant university.I am a gamer, Mainly FPS games on PC and Mobile.

Q: I know gamers have a special name. What’s yours?

A: My gamer tag is AmaarFLT

Q: What games are you involved in and what do you like about esports?

A: I play a lot of games like Apex legends, Paladins, CODM, Realm royale and many more. What I like about esport is how it brings different people together and it’s competitive nature.

Q: Do you think there are games particular to men or women?

A: No I don’t think so there aren’t games that are particular to a specific gender.

Q:What is your favorite memory associated with esports and how long have you participated in it?

A: My favorite memory was when I got victory at an apex legends tournament against a lot of good players. I have been involved in it until recently.

Q: Are there opportunities for female gamers in Nigeria?

A: Are there opportunities for any gamer in Nigeria 😂There are opportunities for female gamers but it’s really small.

Q: Do you look up to any female gamer? Who and why?

A: Yes. I look up to Lululuvely. She is a vibe and an awesome gamer with a great personality.

Q: As a lady in an industry dominated by men, do you feel intimidated sometimes?

A: No. I never feel intimidated

Q: What do you think the biggest barrier women in esports face in Nigeria is?

A: Parents. Most parents don’t see esports as anything.

Q: What do you think can be done about this?

A: Well you just have to talk to them about it and then show them that you are serious about it and maybe it will be the solution.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a woman in esports?

A: It means a lot.Commitment, Confidence, Hustle.

Q: Do you have any achievements in the industry?

A: Not really, I just create content on YouTube for now, trying to grow my channel.

Q:Great! What advice will you give to young women in esports just starting off?

A: For young girls just starting, Always be confident and believe you can do it and you will. Prayer is key.

Q: Do you mind dropping your handles on social media?

A: Instagram: _n_amaar 

Twitter: n_amaar

Twitch: AmaarFLT

YouTube: AmaarFLT.

Q: Thank you so much for your time, wish you the absolute best in this industry.

A: You’re welcome, thank you.

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