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Esports World Cup

The World Cup is here, this time it is not the football World Cup or any other sports World Cup, this is the World Cup for esports and esports fans. Ralf Reichert the CEO of Esport World Cup (EWC) is proud to announce this great development to the esports fans around the world

Ralf Reichert’s goal with EWC is to promote different clubs that would be present in the World Cup. He said “The EWC Club Program enables clubs to build a sustainable pipeline for growth of both their existing teams and additional programs. Our goal is to help the clubs we collaborate with increase their brand visibility, compete in a world-class competition, and elevate esports as a global sport.”

EWC unlike the usual football world cup where the countries would be represented, here it is different clubs that will be at the forefront. The clubs will be twenty-eight in number, 22 out of the total number of clubs will be represented solely by invitation and the reminder will be through application

EWC is set to start summer of 2024 (during June, July and August). The application for EWC starts and closes by the 1st of February and by the 15th of February, 2024 respectively. There are several requirements when applying for a spot in the program. The requirements dictate that the club should be a club with track records and a large pool of experienced players. Achievements of each club are needed to partake, and after the first round of selection, different clubs will be asked to add additional achievements to get picked.

EWC is going to be a 2 months event which will be hosted in Saudi Arabia. Who else to host this event aside from the country that recently funded the esports industry with $13 billion and the host of Gamer 8, which held for weeks. The prize pool for the games is tentatively 45 million dollars, where games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and PUBG amongst others may be played (the games to be played have yet to be released).

The World Cup is something to look out for as this will be a new experience for gamers worldwide. This would be a great preparation for the Esports Olympics which is coming up in 2026.

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