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Kon10dr’s free fire series begins today, registration for brawl stars and pubg scrims still on


Kon10dr, one of Nigeria’s Esports tournaments organizers, is holding their free fire series today, the 29th of June by 9 pm.


The free fire series serves as the qualifier series for the 2022 Kon10dr Esports championship. Different teams will participate in various competitions to acquire points ranging from 1-18 and get good standing on the KEC leaderboard. 

To register and participate in the competition successfully, all registered members of each team must be Nigerians or living in Nigeria, The use of VPN is not allowed and may lead to a ban, all registered players must be part of the in-game squad, have an account above level 15 and must also be of Br Rank Gold upward at the time of registration.

Registration for the Free fire series is still on, and at the moment, 26 teams have registered.

Weekly scrims for PUBG and the possible cups for Brawl Stars will begin on Friday, 1st of July 2022. Registrations are currently up and running, slots are available for just  16 teams for both scrims.

Check out Kon10dr’s challenger mode site for more information.

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1 year ago

Wow it is nice

1 year ago

I love this platform and i will make sure that people are intrested

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