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What to expect from the FreeFire Nigeria League


The FreeFire Nigeria Esports League is designed for the best Free Fire Teams all around Nigeria. They are selected to compete with one another and be awarded as champions in the country.


The league focuses on drawing out the champion from the best teams over 10 weeks and will operate in four stages.

The playoffs; where 12 teams will register weekly and a leaderboard will be displayed to reveal the progress of each team. The playoffs are anticipated to last for 5 weeks.

The Play-ins; here, the top-ranking 24 teams from the playoffs will be required to participate and will be divided into two, 12 teams on each side. This will run for three weeks, two matches per week.

The semifinals will feature the top 10 from each play-in in their group where three matches will be played in a week.

The Finals will feature the top 5 from each group, after which the winners will be announced.

The tournament is anticipated to start in August and will be streamed on the FreeFire Nigeria YouTube Channel throughout, the prize pool will be announced alongside the registration and tournament start date, stay tuned to catch it when it drops.

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